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need lawyer in Dallas area

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Does anyone know a good consumer lawyer in Texas? Prefer someone who works on continency, since I'm not rich. I may have to sue a collection agency for calling me on my cell phone after they received a cease and desist, SOL letter, as well as other violations?

Also does anyone know who Msource. That's the name on the dunning letter even the caller says he works for citicorp credit services.

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Yes! Jerry Jarzombec...coolest lawyer I ever met. He is actually trying to reach number 100 suits against CA's!

Jerry Jarzombec: 817-832-8348

Tell them your situation and who it is.

JerzoMbec. (pronounced... Jar-ZOM-BEC)

oops..you said Dallas. If you're in Dallas County, you have to use a Dallas County lawyer. If so, call him anyhow and ask for attorney Randy Miller's number. Jerry Jarzombec is for Tarrant County.

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