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Credit Scores

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I notice that alot of people list there credit scores with dates? What exactly does that mean?

I am trying to rebuild mycredit...how do I help boost my FICO scores? Currently...they sit at 595-597 between all of 3 companies.

I do have 4 charge offs and some paid collections.

Any advice? How do i begin this process?

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Obtain current copies of all three reports. Check your dates. Ensure the accuracy of these reports. Challenge anything that is not yours. THey have 30 days to prove it or they have to remove it. Also, there time limits on how long things can be reported. Check your dates too! I believe you can request the paid ones to remove the derogatory report, but they don't have to do so. Communication is a good tool for collection accounts. You can make settlement offers & kinda bargin with them for a better report. They are not obligated to do so but I have some will. There are sooo many resources on the net that tell you how to do these things without paying anything, loke those credit repair places. If you can just get one thing removed it will help. Be sure to check the dates on the inquiry's too. They have a limited life on your credit report too. And what ever you do don't apply for more credit. That lowers your score too.

Best of luck to you!

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