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Yesterday I received a letter from one of the companies that I DV'd and they are refusing me information. This is what the letter stated:

I have recieved your August 31st, 2004 letter that was postmarked on September 9th, 2004. As you can imagine, we periodically receive this form letter version.

On November 7th, 2002, we mailed you the FDCPA required validation letter that provided you your rights to dispute and request account information. FDCPA requires you to respond within 30 days to retain your rights under FDCPA. Subsequently in trying to contact you, we left messages for you to return our calls in September and November 2003.

We now have no obligation to comply with your requests for information however, we are happy to discuss your account with you to provide the information and resolve any inaccuracies. Please contact Mrs Martina in our office at (tele# given) and she will be happy to help you.

Since you have disputed this account in this letter, we will report to the appropriate credit bureaus that you are disputing as required by the FCRA. The credit reference however will not be removed unless you contact us and based on your information it is determined that the debt is incorrect. Again we will be happy to talk to you in regards to your letter.

As you have requested in your letter, we will not try to contact you by phone without your permission.

I hope you will take this opportunity to appropriately resolve your obligations on your debt.


Joel Deaton


So, now what do I do??? I never received any notification from them at ANY time. No phone calls OR letters in the mail. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!



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I would go a step further than writing another letter, Josh. Here's why:

First, it makes no difference if they've seen "your kind of letter" before. His comment, "as you can imagine, we periodically receive this form letter version," only shows his contempt for the consumer to exercise their rights. He is the kind of CA who browses boards like this, and obviously knows about DV form letters. He obviously has a problem with "self-help" sites and people who challenge their practices. Not illegal, but an insight into this moron's thinking.

With the knowledge you "got your DV letter online", he purposely deceived you by misstating their responsibility under the FDCPA. In fact, they even admit guilt by 1) lying to you about your rights under the FDCPA and 2) admitting they called you without supplying proper validation.

Mr. Deaton is obviously not that bright (if somebody else wrote that letter and used the president's name, you can add another violation).

File your complaints with the FTC and their state Attorney General. Find out if they're even licensed to collect in your state. File suit against them.

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