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these people so want us to USE the card, latest offer is pretty damn good, i think i want to take it and transfer some debt around, help util etc.

what i am wondering is;

i figure they will do a soft pull to check us out, who would they pull in TX?

does anyone know (or want to guess from their own experience) if having an unpaid collection account will mean we wont get the 'preferred pricing' offer?

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eh! TU huh? bummer.. tho if we DONT get the preferred pricing i guess thats instant damages. i'm just concerned about moving the debt around coz everything right now is on a fixed rate, and if i move it and they jacked the rate, i would have a nervous breakdown! (again 8-) )

and another thought, how can i work out what the payment would be? i am confused about the formula used, obviously its different with different companies, coz i have one that charges like its a 5 year loan, and others that charge the finance charge plus $10. how would i know what chase do?

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