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TU has me hopping MAD!!

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I have one of my accounts with a high credit limit listed as "closed by consumer". However it is open. I'm thinking this is an easy fix. I disputed and told them it was "Open". About a week later they sent me an updated CR showing that it was verified and remained listed as closed.

At this point I am a bit mad, but figure heck I'll just send them a current statement with all of the current information showing. It shows recent activity and at the end it even stated that "congratulations your CL was increased to $20K". This I figure for sure is proof that it is open.

Well now I'm marked frivolous and the item will not be reinvestigated. This is BS!!!!!!!!!! Basically they would not even pick up the freakin telephone to verify the information. They ask in the letter for a document from the creditor showing the account is open. I sent them a statement for gods sake with recent charges!!!!

What Next? Maybe I should pull a electronic credit report and send them the receipt showing that I paid with that account. LOL. Do you think I could call up TU and request they call them with me to verify the information by telephone?

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