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Nationwide Fights Back


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Sorry this is so long, but here is my situation. I have a CA (Nationwide Recovery Systems) that had an account for me. I disputed the TL on all 3 CR first. Then when I received that they verified it. Then I received a letter from another CA for the same account (GC Services Limited Partnership). So, I immediately DV GC Services to make sure they would not report on the CR. Then I DV Nationwide Recovery Systems. I received a letter back from NRS.


This letter is intended to inform you that we were asked to represent the above referenced client in regards to the aforementioned indebtedness and inform you of your current status.

Your account has been closed and all collection efforts creased. The appropriate credit reporting agencies will be notified accordingly.

Now, I sent CMRRR letters to TU, CSC, and EX asking that they remove the TL from my report. I sent a copy of the above letter with it. the TL was deleted off Experian and CSC almost immediatly, but TU listed the TL as Closed. So, I disputed again the TL with TU as Not Mine and received a letter from TU stating "the creditor previously verified as accurate." So, I called Nationwide to see why they were still reporting (I know I shouldn't have called) and she asked if I had paid it. I told her that it didn't matter, because the account no longer belongs to them. She then proceeded to tell me that they can report the TL as Closed and do not have to delete it because I didn't pay it. xSteaminx

My question is do they have to delete the TL if they are no longer collecting it or are they required to remove it?

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