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Consumer Report "what is this?"

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really? they made it sound like it was different. They told him they would not be looking at his financials, but would pull a consumer report. we went to the website of the company they are using.

It sounds different than a CR, they called it a credit profile and that was at the bottom of a list of things they report. I'm not trying to nit pick just curious.

DocDon would you go to the website and tell me what you think? The company he works for now did a similar background check, so I'm not sure.


DH and I couldn't figure out what they meant when they said they wouldn't be looking at his financials. (did that mean the CR part??)

Thanks! you guys are the BEST!!

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Here is what they say about the "credit profile":

Credit Profile

This report will indicate the applicant's existing debt, payment history, judgements, liens, collections and/or bankruptcies. Accu-Screen provides this report in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

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HMMMMM.... I understand that, but i'm sure you saw all of the other stuff that they report too. I'm curious because they said they wouldn't be looking at his financials, so i'm wondering if that means they are just going to pull all of the other stuff and NOT the credit report.

I guess we'll just have to see!

everything else is clean, perfect driving, didnt' fail any drug tests blah blah. Just curious if anyone has had something like this done when they have applied for a job.

I think its MORE than the Credit report.

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