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Equifax...Strange reporting

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I am in the middle of disputing the only 3 negatives I have on my CR which created a roller coaster of CAs reporting on my CR and tunked my score. :cry:

With some hard with, and thanks to this board :p , I have gotten rid of all the CAs and I'm trying to get rid of these 3 charge-offs. I have been in touch with the creditors myself offering to pay them in full but they have sold the accounts and directed me to the pespective parties. Got them off, I'm not going back to them now 8-)

Ok back to the reason for my topic, I am in the middle of disputing these accounts again with the CRAs (tried it 4 months ago with no success). A look @ PG today shows TU has deleted them :p , Experian tells me they won't cuz they have already verified :x Equifax however is now reporting these charged off accounts as open :?:

Their 30 days is not yet up, but I find it strange that they suddenly changed the status from closed to open xheadscratchx I'm hoping they delete them all, that will make me very happy :D

If not, any suggestions on how to attack this, ask for a procedure request or?

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