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Turned Down for a Store Card

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I applied for a store card that is serviced by Household.

They pulled TU. TU FICO is 640 (according to Providian).

These were the reasons given for the declination:

1) Limited satisfactory credit history

2) Near full use of bank/rev credit limits

3) Near full use of retail store credit limits

TU does show high balance and credit limits BUT I do not have any cards maxed out and the installment loan has been paid off in 2001.

Do I get in touch with the store credit department or Household? No contact info was provided.

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Actually, I do have reports (all within the last month) and I subscribe to PG.

My reports are sketchy due to the deletions I was able to get. Still, I figured since it was Household servicing the card, I would be granted credit. After all, many on these boards used the HH trio to rebuild.

Any other thoughts?

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