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pay a $45 collection or verify first


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I have read past threads and I see some have different views about this. I have a $45 collection from a doctors lab that was without my knowledge. Now its at a collection agency and has been for the last few years. Because its so small, do you recommend verifying it, sending a letter to the CA route, or paying it and then have the CRA's verify it and hope that the CA wont even bother becuase it was such a small amount?

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Account Number: XXXXXXXXXXX

Account Type: Collection Department / Agency / Attorney

Type of Business: Other Collection Agencies

Terms: Unknown

Account Status: Closed

Monthly Payment: $0

Date Open: Apr, 2001

Balance: $33

Balance Date: Jul 21, 2001

High Balance: Not reported

Credit Limit/Orig. Amt.: $33

Past Due: $0

Remarks: Not reported

Payment Status: Seriously past due date / assigned to attorney, collection agency, or credit grantor's internal collection department

What should i do with this on my experian report?

Can i ever get it removed from my report?

A Newbie.

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Definately DV this one. The CR doesn't even say who the original creditor was. If you are not absolutely positive this is yours then it is up to the CA to prove it. That's what the FCRA and FDCPA are for...to help consumers deal with the possibility of fraudulent collection activities.

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Maverick, you could do the HIPPAA route. To do this, go to about page 30+ in this section and find the thread titled "????? About HIPPAA". You would generate the enclosed lettrer and use "Insert B". Then you would include a MO for the $45.00 or actual amount if this includes interest and send it to the provider CMRR.

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