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Please review this settlement and make sure I'm covered


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I just recieved a settlement offer from a CA. I'd appreciate it if some of you could read over it and make sure that I covered all the important bases.



Client: XXXX

Acount: XXXX & XXXX

Dates of service: XXX & XXX

Balances: XXX & XXX

Case#: XXX & XXX

Client authorizes Franklin Collection Agency as per agreement with OC to accept $XXX.XX as settlement in full on the above accounts.

The above accounts will be deleted from all major credit bureaus for both My Wife, and Myself upon receipt of the agreed amount, paid by October 31, 2004.

The remaining balance will not be placed with another collection agency or pursued by Franklin Collection Service.

If you have any questions concerning this agreement, please contact me at XXXX and I will gladly assist you.



So how does all this sound. Am I missing anything here?



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you need something in writing signed by the CA that says it will remove teh items from your CR and give you written proof within X days. If teh OC is also reporting, you can try to get them to go along, but the CA's representation may not be enough. I take it you wrote this letter. Itis fine, but I prefer to get the CA to make those representations in writing. Your letter may not hold up in court, if you have to sue over the CR

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