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Fraud Charges

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Need HELP! - previous girlfriend ran up charges on credit cards and opened accounts in my name. I filed police report and sent a letter to all creditors with a copy of it and request for them to investigate the fraud. I'm pretty sure, my x-gf had been using my cards over the entire 3 years we were together. So I asked the creditors to get the sales receipts over a period of time so I could review the signatures - I know there is a time limit to dispute but my terms and conditions with fraudulent purchases sets NO TIME LIMIT. Many creditors such as MBNA did not even respond to my letter with the police report I sent them. Now I want to sue them for not doing their job and investigating this fraud or going after her for the fraud charges and identity theft - can I do this and if so, how should I go about filing and is there any statue of limitation.. No small claims here - I have about 4 top creditors I want to go after and have money reimbursed and to get the fraud liability on their terms and conditions changed.

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