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FLEET CO still reported....


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As far as Fleet goesthe only thing that seems out of order is the Balance owed amount.

Fleet's original collection letter stated that I owed $6600.

My report says HC is $3500.

I sent a check for $3,900 back in 02. This... if correct would have left a balance of $2,700.

Anyways, they say I have a balance of $3100 as of 12/03.

Additionally.... I am in FLA. Report mentions closed 02/99.

SOL in FLA is 5 years for this...right?

**** Not that it would make any real difference... I wrote on the cashiers check "final payment, complete payment, and Account upto date"****

Wonder if that would provide me any recourse.

There are alot of inconsistencies in the reports via PG... all of the CRAs seem to have different infromation -vs- reports I have...

Guess it is time for a round of DV letters... Just figured I would find out a better way to handle Fleet before I sent yet another letter to them....................

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