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Don't Let This Happen To You - NEED HELP FAST!


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I need help. Here is my story. I live in Ohio, had a x-girlfriend who worked for me and lived with me for 2 years until I found out she was stealing my credit cards and charging on them without my knowledge AND she opened up an account in my name and charged it over 10K. Heres the problem - I trusted her and in my business she took care of all the billing and was able to hide this from me by shredding the bills that came to the business. I found out one day because I intercepted the mail and found one of the bills. I immediately ended things with her and fired her from my business. I filed a police report also. I sent the police report and a letter to all my creditors asking for them to provide me with the sales receipts during this 2yr period so I could see which sales were mine and which were fraudulent. Out of 19 creditors, only 2 reimbursed me money for the fraud on the accounts. All the others did not even acknowledge my letter to them or GO after her for the fraud/identity theft she did. Also, the police did NOTHING and dropped the investigation. They said it was a "He Said, She Said" issue and they wouldn't touch it since my x-girlfriend said I gave her permission to use my accounts - she denied everything. It seems that all my creditors and the police believed her word and not mine at all.

Does anyone have any suggestion on what I can do to get her in jail and to get my money back?

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