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Holy ****!!!! It works!!!!


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As a mortgage broker, I continually monitor this site and take a lot of information and pass it on to my sub-prime borrowers.

I've done small things to my credit such as having the CRA validate debts and had some success with that except for 1 continuous problem. During one of the annoying collection calls from Mercury Finance about 5 years ago, I told them to forget it that I was just filing BK.

I never did, though.

They put in the tradeline...CHARGED OFF, INCLUDED IN BANKRUPTCY.

I didn't know the comments section would ever affect an automated decision from a credit granting company.

I applied for a Best Buy credit card (which I was pretty sure I'd get) but was declined because of BANKRUPTCY on my credit report.

This pissed me off. I called TU today (thanks to you guys and the phone #'s) and they told me it was verified a number of times. I explained that was inaccurate because I never filed a BK "check the public record section of my credit report". She explained the only way to remove this indication was to get it directly from the vendor.

FUNNY...they no longer do business in Wisconsin and I don't know who to call. She gave me a number to a company in GA that took over for Mercury Finance.

I called them up and they had no record of me in their system. He suggested that he write a letter stating that they have no knowledge of a BK AND that it was an account PAID AS AGREED and NEVER LATE!!!!

Point to this long story is even for those who don't think this stuff works, DO IT. It may take some extra leg work sometime, but it is well worth it. It took me 5 years and 15+ times to get the blasted BK off but it is now.

Also, the CRA's probably aren't validating the debts. Just go through the motions, get your proof, and sue. The fact that I wasn't in Mercury Finance's system, yet the tradeline was verified all those times.

Keep up the good work on this site and I look forward to using your information to help other people get into their new homes.

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