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refusal to valdiate

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I recently sent out a DV letter for a paid medical collection from 11/99. I received a response that told me when the debt was paid, but also that "I must have sent (them) a form letter on mistake." It went on to say that each credit bureau will be updated to reflect the dispute. They in no way validated the debt as mine. Would another letter be the next step in the process or should I wait for them to verify and not validate and have a little more to work with?



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I agree!

First off, a DV is not suffice for a "Paid" collection. I am assuming your intent is to have the whole TL deleted. If this is true, then you will need to wait for their reply. Once you have the response, let us know and we will advise further. Your sending the DV has changed some things for now.

What you should have done was sent a dispute to the CRA's claiming the account was not yours. Many times a CA will not respond to a dispute for a paid account and it will be deleted. Other times they will and you use other ways to get it deleted.

Either way, WELCOME to the Board! Do not let this discourage you as we will gladly assist you.

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