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Need great lawyer in California Bay Area - Marin County?

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Does anyone know of a great lawyer for my judgement from MBNA in and around the Bay Area? I live in Marin county and the judgemtn was entered on Aug 20th and the abstract was issued Sept 13. I need help because I think I have the right to vacate this judgement. HELP! :(

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go to www.bendover.com Search his web site for financial help. It is a 500 word maximum e-mail. He will respond within 2 days with a lawyer referral. Great guy. Great lawyers in California.


E-mail me for direction on this one, but you absolutely must be sure to include where you live [city/state] and how much/type of debts you're wanting to flush in bankruptcy court. If you don't include this information, I won't respond.

his e-mail is askben@bendover.com

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Im confused do you want to know the credit card details or should I email them to him? I only make 45k and rent here, own nothing and am thinking about filing BK but still trying to avoid it but MBNA is pinching me so tight now I think I have to subcomb to BK. :cry: Here are my specs:

Live in Fairfax, CA (Marin County)

MBNA 10,120 now 17k+ plus judgement & frozen bank account

First USA 5k


Providian 4,500k (still paying) *I would like to keep paying

Auto loan 5k left (15 payments) (still paying) *I would like to keep paying

FICO 655

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