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Credigy/CA reporting outstanding balance on settled account


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Problem: CA/Credigy (CREDREAPP) is reporting an outstanding balance to Equifax for a settled account and has just increased the balance reported, apparently charging interest on this account.


- This summer I had to settle an old charged-off Discover account with Credigy via First National Collection Bureau to obtain a mortgage. This account was not past SOL.

- The total balance due was $7615 (inflated of course) and was settled for $5331.

- I have the settlement offer letter as well the letter after the fact stating that this account is now paid in full and that no money is due to either Credigy or First National Collection Bureau.

- I have not received any further calls or letters regarding this account after it was settled.

- I live in Pennsylvania where I believe a CA cannot resell or come after you for the remaining balance on a settled account.


- Can I get Credigy to go away without paying any more money?

- Is Credigy violating any law by reporting the outstanding balance and apparently charging interest? Can I sue them :twisted: ?


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