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I need a good Lawyer, long letter but all true

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I met a woman via a personal ad May 28, 2000, and started dating casually in June 2000.

This individual moved in my residence September 5, 2000, We had a relationship that took place months before she moved in. She offered to work in my business. I offered her work in a part time position so that she could get on her feet. As time went on she took over making checks out for my personal and business bills, although I was the only signer for checks, she became very familiar with my business. She worked on a part time basis since the office work was minimal.

In December 2002, I started noticing irregularities with credit cards that are in my company and personal name. On December 23, 2002, I confirmed the theft and informed her we would have a discussion of the unauthorized use of credit cards on December 26, 2002. She was in charge of paying bills, calling in payroll, (including her own) answering the phone and working with customers in a part time capacity at my company. She was also in charge of sending copies of credit card statements, cancelled checks and statements to my bookkeeper. My bookkeeper also prepared the Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss Statements, and Electronic Payroll for employees. I found out later that they were acquaintances.

After an exhaustive search to find credit card statements, Bank Statements and a paper trail to find where money was going, I was not able to determine there was misuse of credit cards until the week of Christmas. I had confronted this individual regarding credit card misuse, and she said she did not do it. I did, however remove two credit cards from her purse that had my name embossed on them. In the following year I found: She opened two credit cards in my name, online, stole company funds to pay for them and changed the billing addresses twice. Used multiple cards without authorization and used a company checking account to pay for theft.

On December 26, 2002, there was a discussion with her, and myself and she was discharged from the company, although at that time, it was not determined how extensive the embezzlement was. I filed a police report. Again, after an exhaustive search by me, other employees, and my attorney, copies of credit card statements were ordered and Bank Statements were ordered to find a trail of where company funds were going. Apparently, bills had not been paid for sometime and there was nothing sent to this bookkeeper for two months. This woman had stolen or shredded Bank and credit card statements. There are credit cards where she had made payments via online, which came from a company checkbook, and taken the same credit card to get cash from ATM machines without any authorization, usually on the same or next day.

After the day of discharge this individual filed unfounded assault charges against me 2 days later, which stopped the police investigation of embezzlement and fraud.

I was acquitted of the assault charge 5 months later. All this time I was in contact with the police and they dragged their feet. I was frustrated and sent my Congressman a letter. The police were hostile and the police mentioned that I would have IRS problems, if I pursued this matter as well as “a lot of things that will shed a bad light upon me” and said “ case is closed, take it to whoever you want”, obviously a reference to the letter I sent to my Congressman. In the State of Ohio, if one person in the chain says the case is a no go such as a police officer, it is not prosecuted. This is even for murder. The state Attorney General is powerless.

This the action I have taken:

1. Fraud Alert to CRAS

2. Police report filed

3. Affidavits filed with most. Some won’t respond

4. Filed a complaint with the FTC

5. Wrote a letter to the state Attorney General, he said he was powerless

6. Contacted two Postal Inspectors, They didn’t care

7. Hired 4 Attorneys, none had knowledge of ID Theft yet referred by Bar Assn Referral

8. I contacted The House and Senate Banking Committees Chairs, Michael Oxley, Oh, Senators Paul Sarbanes and Richard Shelby

9. I contacted the Secret Service, They said I was cop shopping

10. I wrote 3 certified letters to the county Prosecutors

11. I met with the www.idtheftcenter.org in San Diego He was helpful but could do little in my home state of Ohio

12. Letters sent to all credit cards COS, sent certified asking for sales receipts

13. I contacted the US Attorney General’s office, no help

14. I contacted the IRS and requested an audit, said they would get back to me

15. I wrote a letter to my Congressman, Steve Chabot, Oh and cc 275 Senators and Congressmen/women. All on the Finance Committees, not a word back.

The point is, no one cares because they say this is “he said, she said”. So all you single people dating out there..... Your “friend” can steal your ID and walk away.

So far, since this happened, Sears finally acknowledged fraud and credited my account $1000.00, Providian/ Get Smart closed an account I never opened, and will not give back at least $10,000.00 fraudulently charged and paid using my business checking account over the Internet. American Express admitted to embezzlement in the 10s of thousands by this individual, but would give nothing back. Home Depot was the most understanding and credited everything I did not charge. Does anyone know a real Lawyer in the state of Ohio?

Mad as Hell in Cincinnati :evil:

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I have a childhood friend who is the Retired Chief of Police for a city in Southern California. During a recent discussion on what to do if a Police Department refuses to investigate a crime, he said to contact the FBI. If you have a location of this person, I would file a suit so as to keep her within reach until something can be done. File for the maximum the State will allow.

I do believe you as this happens more than the average consumer believes, but, due to so many being too embarrassed to report this, it remains an "Attention Getter and Eye Popper" when someone does bring it to the attention of others.

I must say this appears to be a Police Department who has no idea of what the requirements of their job says. It is clear that when your charges were dismissed, more than likely due to lack of evidence, they should have realized there is a problem. You have absolute and documented proof of her crimes. There is no excuse for their actions. BTW, have you asked the respective companies to send you copies of the contracts she signed to obtain credit? Are they pursuing prosecution? I would stay in touch with them just in case you can gain some more ammo.

All I can say is: They wonder why the public has little respect for Law Enforcement and the Justice System.

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I wonder how many names this women has used? She's a PRO. There are probably more men that are victims out there. Theres power in numbers, if you can locate others that are her victims that would make a stronger case. Maybe shes on wanted posters somewhere.

Remember Bonnie Blakley, wife of actor Robert Blake this is something she also did.

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Thanks for the support, I could use it at this point. I called the Cincinnati office of the FBI today. I explained what had happened, (as I am getting so good at repeating the story) and the women said to get a lawyer. I told her I talked with 4 that knew nothing. She said they couldn't do anything for me and it didn't sound like an FBI case. I asked her if the FBI was still investigating white collar crime these days and she said, "yes", but she said this was domestic even though the money was embezzeled from my business. It's funny when it comes to domestic fraud it's all okay, but when it's domestic violence it's a crime. I suppose we should all stop paying our taxes on our homes too, since it falls under domestic. The system sucks and there is no such thing as justice in the US.

Special note to all you single folks: Find a RICH partner it's all fair game I suppose

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Me again.. Sorry, but I could talk about this for hours due to the outrage of it all. One special thing. The Prosecutor of Hamilton County which the city of Cincinnati is located has to resign because he was caught in an affair with an Assistant Prosecutor for 3.5 years. The problem was he forgot to mention it to his wife, (a judge) and his children. He said in the papers, it was "HE SAID, SHE SAID". Imagine that. There is a lot of that going around these days. It seems he was more interested in getting in her pants than prosecuting crimes. Not trying to be crude.. just the facts m'aam.

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I just wanted to tell you to keep on the DA to prosecute. I had someone commit fraud againg me and my lawyer said that it was a civil matter so we obtained a civil judgement. I knew I would never collect the judgement so I insisted that the DA prosecute. After three years of trying to get something done, the case was finally taken to court. The man pled guilty and has been ordered to pay my money or go to prison for 5 years. My husband is a Sheriff's deputy so he got to know the detectives, the DA and all the judges very well. I think this helped get our case to court. I suggest that you get to know some police officers and anyone at the court house. Ask around, someone that you know will know someone that can help. I know it is hard but keep trying.

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first of all - so sorry to hear this happened to you . Sucks when you think you trust someone and they pull a stunt like this. A similar situation happened to me with a "business partner". She managed to suck about $150, 000 from me before I walked away. Turns out she did not even use her real name so there was not a lot I could do at the time.

What about going to the news? 60 minutes, Dateline?? Surely they would find this interesting.

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Thank you for your advice. I am trying many of the things suggested. Many people would not pursue this because of the embarassment. For me it is about right and wrong, not to mention the money stolen, it was my life's savings. About going public with this.. Yes, I probably will. Public relations is one of my specialties, ie direct mail and that sort of thing, maybe before the election in this swing state. I appreciate any thoughts, as I'd like to think that if I can bring attention to this, I can help someone else.

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