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RA or CA.. Please help....36 days till I go to court..

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I would start by asking the other side to stipulate to admission of the documents. The court may ask you both if any evidence that is being marked is stipulated to. The legal ramifications of each is for the judge or fact finder to determine, you just want to have them admitted as factual pieces.

Otherwise, if the BK discharge is stamped by the court, it should be admitted as a court record. You can get a certified copy from the Court Clerk, if you need it.

I think certification receipts, with the printout from www.usps.com, should be sufficient to establish when you sent letters and when they were received.

You may need an affidavit from someone at the CRA, with a copy of the report attached, that says the report was made and kept in the ordinary course of the CRA's business and that the report attached is true and accurate as a business record.

I'll see what I can dig up, I just moved and all my old evidence boks are buried somewhere.

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