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understand liab remains, but

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I am asking for dv on cc that are mine, do believe orig limits were changed to accomodate all interest and fees, etc.

If they are unable to validate properly, then do they have to remove from Credit report?

I understand only bk will erase liability, but if they have to remove from CR for lack of proper validation, how would future creditors know they exist?

I sent cap 1 a pd in full w/ acct # check a yr ago and they cashed it. have been trying to get them to back off, but they just send to new CA, so think have a violation to sue on that one. Scary now to me is it was a personal check, can they access my acct?

I'm learning alot and expereincing severe brain drain.

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If they are unable to validate the debt, they should remove it from the credit report although you might have to sue them to make it happen.

Future creditors would only know they exist if the see notations on inquiries.

If you wrote a check for payment in full that was not full payment, there are specific state laws that deal with that issue. I think in most cases, the creditor can come after the remaining balance unless you have a signed agreement.

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