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When is it best to hire an attorney?

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Hi, my lease is up in 6 months.. I do not want to renew or rent again. I am self employed and told that I need a 640 to qualify for a NIV loan. My question, I know this takes time.. should I do this on my own or hire an attorney? I don't want TL's deleted.. and I sent a letter to TU regarding lates. I read that they have been known to hit delete. I really need those TL's. So, I might be fighting them to put it back. I have 2 neg TL's with EQ, 4 with EX, and several on TU. My main goal along with deletion is getting the lates off to boost my score. I don't have many open accts. Is this something that I should be trying to do in 6 mths or should I hire a professional? With that, what $ am I looking at? I am not lazy at all.. but is it "do able"? Thank you!!

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