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Do CA's have authority to negotiate for OC?


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Crapital One's at it again. I sent a cease and desist letter to thier first CA and immediately sent a settlement offer to these wonderful folks.

I got my first boilerplate response back a week later. (We're forwarding this to the proper representative...trash can)

Immediately following, I get a letter from another CA stating they have been assigned this account. I immediatley send then a validation letter. Meanwhile Crapital One sends another of thier bullsh*t reponses stating how wonderful it is that I am working to settle this and to call thier CA and talk to them, they'll be glad to help. Not likely, unless you folks know something different. 8-)

Does a CA have the authority acting as an agent to agree to update records to "Paid as agreed"?

Anyone been there/tried that?

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