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Next step help, dreaded NCO.


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I have debt for 3600$ from Hospital 5-1999. Debt sold to NCO 11-2000. I file BK in Nov 2001, This debt IS included in BK. As of today, still says open, past due and amount owed 3652 on ALL 3 reports.

First step, disputed "not mine" with all 3. Came back verified by all 3(ok I tried)

Second step, disputed with all 3 that account was IIB. Again, came back verified by two, and TU wanted me to send copy of BK papers. I did NOT send as was guided not to. So it remains verified on all 3 (WTF!)

NOW, how do I attack this.

1. Do I attack hospital for Hippa violations and demand it be deleted or sue??


2. Do I attack NCO for violating BK laws and demand deletion or proper reporting as IIB?

What would you do?

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NCO is actually pretty easy to get to delete if you send them a ITS. Send it outlining all their wonderful violations and it'll be gone in about a week(if not less). Send it to:

Michael Barrist, Chairman, President & CEO

NCO Financial Systems, Inc.

507 Prudential Rd.

Horsham, PA 19044

Fax Number(should you decide to fax it) :(443)263-3061

If you can get the hospital on Hippa violations, go ahead and get litigious on that @$$!

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I could probably call him but he' s so damn slow and "busy". And it's been 3 years.

THey ain't trying to collect, it just shows as due and open account. Not that having IIB is any better being being 3 yrs ago creditors would rather see that then think its an outstanding balance.

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IT was a hospital bill, once they sent it too NCO they violate hippa because they sold my info.

RIGHT?, Hippa experts?

No, it is NOT a HIPAA violation to sell an account to collections. Most healthcare providers contract with CA's to collect and those CA's MUST have a Business Associates Agreement (BAA) in order to comply with HIPAA. HIPAA and now FACTA now puts restrictions on what and how medical collections can be reported.

If you want to try the HIPAA route, demand that NCO produce their BAA with that hospital.

This debt was included in BK. NCO is violating FCRA AND bankruptcy laws since reporting to the CRA's IS considered collection activity which is permanently barred by the injunction of your discharge. You might be better off writing NCO a letter telling them that if they don't cease and desist their inaccurate reporting to the CRAs (doesn't show IIB), you will file a Motion for Contempt with the BK court and they can face a Federal judge. You can collect damages, court costs and attorney's fees for such an action AND you can request sanctions against them by the BK court.

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  • 2 weeks later...

So I sent off a DV letter to NCO bout two weeks ago. TOday I check PG and *poof* the listing is completely gone off of all 3 reports. I check the free experian link for that report and yup it's gone.

Don't know exactly why or what happened but the line has been removed. Chalk up another success to determination. :D

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