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Sherman Sends Affadavit of Debt for DV?

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I rec same w/ summons for court

WILLINGTOCOPE said thought he had read somewhere that person doing affadavit had to be a CPA to make affadavit valid.

I am trying to find out legal to sight this for my court date.

So if anyone knows where to find this it would help us both, may have possibility that affadavit was not done by cpa, then would be invalid.


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I dont know if this would work but send your own affadavit of doubt to them and tell them that you swear that you dont know the debt is yours until they have more PROOF.. not a lie.


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ok, i'm swimming into unfamiliar territory, so double check what i say.

the affidavit is of no use as DV, i could send you one saying you owe me $10,000 and when it is introduced as 'evidence' in court, you need to get it struck out as 'heresay' then subpoena the person who signed the document to appear in court and testify to what they have stated in the affidavit.

with any statement like that introduced as 'evidence' you have the right to cross examine, you cannot cross examine a piece of paper, so thats why you subpoena the person who signed it.

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