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Bizarre responses from CRAs - now what do I do?

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I have four accounts that are subject to DV requests right now. I have not yet heard back from the various CAs, but I have gotten mail from two of the three major CRAs. TransUnion sent me a form letter telling me all about crooked credit repair services. Very interesting, but utterly irrelevant. Experian sent me a copy of my credit report claiming that none of the disputed accounts were found. All four of them were still listed under the OC's name, but the account numbers were all correct. One of these is technically correct, because the debt collector is the OC itself (it used a different name so is subject to FDCPA requirements), but the others are definitely with third party CAs.

So what should I do now? Do I wait until the CAs' 30 days are up, or do I respond to the CRAs? Should I tell TransUnion to get their heads out of their behinds and do what I requested, or let them wallow in their ignorance until their 30 days are up and demand $1k? How do I respond to Experian's findings?

Also, I noticed on Experian an account I have had removed from my report TWICE in the last ten years. The account was closed at least ten years ago (a Lord & Taylor account that I no longer needed since I do not have any of their stores in my area any more). L&T agree with me every time I check and that they are not reporting it. The report says the account is "open/never late", with a zero balance as of 4/04. It also says "Item disputed by consumer", but that it was verified and updated as of 8/00. Do they owe me $1k on this?

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