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Am I pushing it?


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I did "not mine" on a CA through EQ. They deleted it. I didn't even notice the original OC entry. Now, I have noticed the lates on the OC's TL. Should I dispute the lates with the CRA....or should I try to get a delete all together? I hate to keep deleting everything. At the same time, is it pointless to argue about the lates? I figure that they might try to hire another CA or it may pop back up again.. any advice on this?

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Hi there,

I am trying to qualify in 6-7 months for a mortgage. Here is the listing on my EQ report (this is the OC):

WM FNC account status N/A

Account Number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rate or Status:

Account Owner: Individual High Credit: $1,123

Type of Account : N/A Terms or Monthly Payment: $93

Date Opened: 05/2000 Balance: $0

Date Reported: 07/2003 Past Due: $0

Date of Last Activity: N/A Months Reviewed: N/A

Comments: Account Transferred Or Sold

24-Month Payment HistoryNo 24-Month Payment Data available for display.

Seven-Year Payment History30 Days Past Due: 2 times

60 Days Past Due: 3 times

90 Days Past Due: 4 times

the collection account is on my other two accounts, and I believe this isn't listed on the other two. what would you do with this one? thank you.

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i would be inclined to leave it alone. mainly because the debt is out there somewhere and if you dispute it they will be informed that you are trying to clear up your credit for some reason and someone will try to collect. it looks like they do not own the debt anymore, it is prolly with a JDB.

couple of suggestions;

if you have not already done so, opt-out at the CRAs

post this over in the mortgage forum so the experts over there can tell you what sort of effect this account will have on your mortgage chances and choices.

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I agree with anti. You could ry a goodwill approach with the OC, it may or may not work. Getting the CA removed is more valuable. Given the history and teh amount ( and I assume you are still paying this?), you can probably explain it away to a flexible mortgage broker.

Go to the mortgage section and see what those folks say

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Yes, it went to a collection agency. EQ has deleted the CA but has the OC as listed above. EX & TU have the collection entry but they do not list the OC. I have tried the "not mine" haven't heard back yet from either.

I never did pay either the OC or the CA. I know very dumb of me. But, we all make mistakes. Given that, would you:

A) Leave it alone & try to explain it

B) try to pay for a never late (something tells me they will laugh)

C) try "not mine" with CRA's and delete it... do you think that will be positive or negative?

Thank you for all your help

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