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Midland can't validate, so they sent the OC after me

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I sent midland a validation letter.

They sent a letter requesting documentation, and another letter requesting to settle the account for a reduced payment.

I sent them a letter stating that I do not have any documentation to correct their records and I am not intereted in settling an unvalidated account with you. I told them if they cannot validate remove from my credit report immediately.

I also want to note that the OC for this account is Cross Country Bank.

Cross Country Bank & Midland are reporting the same account on my credit report.

Now since midland cannot validate, they sent the dispute to the OC (Cross Country Bank). Cross Country Bank sent me a letter stating that:

"We have reviewed your claim of an account opened with your personal information without your authorization and are unable to resolve your claim in your favor. We will reconsider this decision upon receiving a resopnse in thirty days:

1.) A copy of a current official government ID

2.) A copy of my Social Security Card

3.) A copy displaying my current address

4.) A notorized Affidavit Of Fraudulent Application or Police report.

I have "4" questions/concerns:

1.) I asked for validation, I did not claim Identity theft or fraudulent application.

2.) How can I verify that Midland deleted thier inquiry on my credit report?

3.) What should I do about the OC letter (Cross Country Bank)?

4.) In the case an Collection Agency cannot validate, How can you remove the Original Creditor form your credit report?

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I had a similar situation with Midland and a BOA account. They actually sued me in Md. small claims and the case was dismissed, due to lack of evidence, because they couldn't prove the account was mine. The account is still listed as unpaid charge off with BOA as OC, and unpaid collection with Midland. I have sent Midland a letter informing them they have no legal right to distribute this info to the CRAs as their debt, and attached a copy of the judge's dismissal order, but so far, no response. I have also disputed the item with all 3 CRAs, and the only thing that has changed is that EQ is now listing the collection account with Midland with a notation "This account is disputed by consumer". So I was just curious as to whether you were ever able to get them to remove the collection account and/or the OC chargeoff?

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