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Removing Inquiries: MY EXPERIENCE ONLY

Guest jeeptravel

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Guest jeeptravel

This morning I was unsuccesful removing an inquiry from Experian.

I asked the agent on the phone to remove an inquiry from VIN MAR auto, some rinky dink place my wife and I went shopping for a Jeep at. We ended up buying the next day from a whole different dealership, so the inquiry is totally meaningless.

Anyway, I'm sorry to report that it was not possible to get the inquiry removed. The agent recommended I call the company (of course no ph# on the report) and ask them to remove it. The guy was a greasy salesman and likely would not bother (if he even knew how).

I'm a bit reticent to try the calling and disputing technique with the other two. Maybe I just have a wavering voice or something, but they really didn't seem like they felt obligated to help me.

Having said all that negative, here's some positve (and it's legal too!!! 8-)

1) Choose your inquiries carefully

2) When you apply for any credit, try for creditors you can speak with before you apply. Ask them beforehand if they will remove the inquiry in the event you are not approved.

3) If (and exactly when) you are denied credit, ask the company what you'd need to do and a timeframe on how to reapply because you LOVE their card, etc. Then ask them to please remove the inquiry as a courtesy.

4) If you're a really good liar, try calling the CRA's. For the rest of us, the above guidelines are my best advice (They are what I do now!!!!)


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