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I have a CO with Ballys. I have try to dipute with TU. It come back verify.

I send them a 2nd letter asking for their procedure, this was their response...

Thank you for contacting TU. Our goal is to blah, blah, blah......

Re: General policy

TU's procedure for investigating disputed information is to contact, by mail or telephone, the source ot he info. Each source is advice of your dispute and is requested to verify the accuracy and/or completeness of the info reported.

Once the verification responses are recieved, the disputed information is updated accordingly. Changes are reflected on the updated CR.

Re: Verification Documents not available

We store information in our records as it is supplied to us by creditors. We do not provide dispute verification responses received from creditors. If you need to obtain or written verification concerning your accounts, then please contact your creditors directly.

Can someone tell me what to do next.

what are my options!


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I suggest, and only if your dead serious bout gettin this fixed, you fire off an ITS (intent to sue) letter, along with copies of your original docs, send it CMRRR, give them 15 days to respond, if they do nothing....take em to small claims.

I cant express how important it is for you to actually follow through with this...that is, if your serious about it.

Good luck! :D

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Do you think that would work, I mean I am not refuting your suggestion at all, on the contrary I apreciate your advice Morrow, you have help me in the past a great deal, and if you advice to follow this procedure then I will try it

any other thoughts

Perhaps an ITS sample letter

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