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A tricky one....


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Between 2000-2002 I had a CC with Providian, which I am 99% sure I paid off in early 2002. I filed BK in late 2003. Providian showed up on CR , and it shows that they sold the account to CA (Sherman, still showing open account???). I disputed them as IIB and I was told by EQ that Providian is to be corrected; however, the CA still verified??!! I called Providian just to see when the last payment was made (would have been the one to pay it off, or so I thought). They told me that I made a payment in 6/2003 for $86.29 WTF?!!! :evil: Why would I pay them if I was filing BK? I have since requested a printout of all payments that I made. Could this be a violation?

BTW, I just checked PG and Providian is now listed as IIB, but when I called them earlier they said that they were still waiting on more info......

If you are wondering why Providian is IIB, it's really not but that's what I told them....just in case I didn't really pay it off :oops:

10-13-04...just started repairing credit 26 days ago.




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