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Auto Loan Refi--any recommendation???

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Hello Everybody:

Thanks in advance for any response....we were discharged in April (ch 13). The dealer financed our truck with AUTO ONE (anybody heard of them?) they are not available to the public only thru dealers (sub prime lending), anyway, they gave us a rate of 12.05%. At that time, our scores on all three CRAs are below 600. We have cleaned up some of the derogatories, my scores have gone up to mid 600s now. I don't want to try household because my hubby had cc with them that was included and discharged in the bk, same with cap 1, any other recommendation? I've read about DCU--will they accept membership from MD and do they report to all 3 CRAs?

Thanks for the info--as always, this discussion board is awesome!! I've learned a lot from all the contributors (admin, ladynred and many others who are too many to mention) and someday, I will contribute too, and hopefully will help someone.. :)

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