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I am a consumer who has gone back and forth with PG&E and they will not correct my credit report.

Somehow Equifax made a notation that PG&E reported the account that i used to have with them (a collection account) 120+ past due after i paid it. I have spoken with PG&E several times and their comment is that they will not make a change to that notation since they do not report such information. Then I called again and spoke with a supervisor and they said that they do report that WHEN you are 120 days past due or more but will not change such information even after you pay it. I paid that account on the pretense that the account would either show paid collection or correct the 120+ past due mark. They also refuse to write a letter showing i am CURRENT. They only have a PAID IN FULL form letter which states nothing about being current.

Equifax will not investigate it anymore (the only credit report where such notation appears) - they say PG&E verifies the information.

Equifax has similarly shot me over to the consumer affairs area now for any disputes i call about. Its likeyou are talking with big brother and i do not think they ac tually investigate anything when you call on the phone to that department like when they do normally....good example when i investigated disputes with that department the disputes on equifax did not fall off (which disputes falling off after 3 days is a given normally with equifax)

Does anyone have a recommendation as my other items on all credit reports are pristine.

Do I sue PG&E, Equifax and how do i carry out such a suit, does anyone know what to do...i am very perplexed...I do not want to hire an attorney unlessi have a case and it is clear that PG&E and Equifax are in the wrong.


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Just a few questions to clarify, if you please.

This was an OLD account, right? That means that you now have service with the utility, but with a new account number for a new residence? Is this new account the account you want to show as current?

What were the circumstances for the late on the old account? Did you move and not pay the last bill? When did you pay the bill in full?

What did you dispute with EQ? How many times?

These are important details. A number of the public utilities have really got their sh!t together where collections and reporting are concerned. They act in lock step fashion and even have measures for taking punitive actions against consumers. I know, I am a victim as are a number of others.

I'd personally like to expose their methods so please respond.

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