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equifax consumer affairs

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anyone have any ideas to get me out of this department....i guess whenever i call i am xferred over there and talk with that dept when i dispute on the phone... i dont think they are doing the investigations even though they give me confirmation #s (like inquiries not being deleted is a good example- and at EQUIFAX - a GIVEN)

Any suggestions how to get out of this dept or how long it is before you get dropped from being in this limelight? Should i just go back to CMRR likfe before..I have only a few tiny items to be deleted

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You're most likely in "Consumer Affairs" department due to the 1) number of disputes you've made with EQ or, 2) you've sued EQ.

Welcome to the CRA's version of the "Frequent Flyers" club.

I've tried (without luck) to surrender my membership, but alas, it is not to be. EQ said no due to the aforementioned reasons - BOTH of them!

Take heart tho'. If you get the right person, you get the absolute "best" service! All it usually takes is an email and and a short wait and it's done.

Case in point: I recently was sitting pretty with an EQ FICO of 777. Old CA tried a reinsert using a slightly different account #. All other info was same. CA showed up - nose dive to 639 - a 138 point DROP! Contacted my "personal" rep, explained what happened and the same day he got my email the CA was GONE and I rebounded to 786 - a 147 point JUMP!

So "Consumer Affairs" or "Special Handling" isn't always as bad as it's made out to be.

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