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Zales gave me the chorizo...

They approved me for 600. But then they told me that if I put six hundred down in cash, they would extend my credit limit up to 2200.

I went ahead and took them up on their offer.

Lo and behold, the credit reports day that my credit limit is STILL 600 and that now I am OVER the limit with a balance of 2200.

I got on the horn and talked to the reps at CitiCorp (since they are the servicer) and I got the run around. They said that my credit limit REALLY is just 600 but the 2200 balance is just the special arrangement.

Special arrangement alright. Like a special arrangement that went up my [EXPLETIVE DELETED].

My utilization factor was completely hosed because it looks like I am way over my credit limit.

Like, I eventually paid it off. I called up Zales again and asked about a credit limit increase. They said that they would have to check my credit and from the results, three things could happen:

1. increase my credit

2. deny the increase

3. close the account due to my credit score

Since I already got bent over before with them I decided not to pursue the credit limit increase...

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