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My day at court

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Hey gang

Well, here is what happend today. I went infront of the judge to get my motion to leave, file my complaint and motion to dismss and ask for another court date

Here is what happend. He asked me what am I doing there/? I already have my court date and I said that since I did not file my complaint/ and my motion to dismiss. I assumed that I am to do so.. He continued to write,, never got to ask anything or read my speed that I worked on for so long and he granted me everything but my new trial date.

He did give a tip that I am must get a new date fo rmy motions and then file a something for some type of affidavit?? This was all greek to me and I knew if I asked the board you guys would explain it to me. He also mentioned that since this is small claims. I do not get a discovery

Whats the thoughts on my day in court

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