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Strangely silent CAs

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I sent a so-called law firm (Mann Bracken in GA) a DV letter last June and got an incredibly lame response. I asked for a copy of the signed (by me) binding arbitration agreement they claimed I had with the OC since this is how this law firm was attempting to threaten me even tho they only have jurisdiction in GA and I live in WI. Along with this request, I asked for validation of the actual debt from the OC. Here's what I recieved back in the mail about a month later: One sheet of paper with the amount typed on it that they claimed I owed, the bank that the card was issued from and two signatures of employees at this law firm and it was notarized. When I attempted to e-mail them (twice! the first e-mail was ignored) since their phone system is so messed up, I got the following response: "Mann Bracken is no longer handling this account." There was no mention of where the account went or what the status of the account was. That all happened in JUNE! It's Oct. and I've heard nothing...nothing from the OC or any other CAs. What should I do? The amount is around $5700. Should I contact the OC? It was a charge off account so I'm sure they've no clue where it is now either. I've no idea who the heck to contact regarding this. I would like to make an attempt to settle before anything else happens but I don't know who to contact! Also, I've been advised NOT to deal with CAs as if they get wind of your bank acct. numbers, they can wipe you out after they get their court order. Please advise!

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You sent out a DV letter last June.

Although hindsight is 20/20, but you should have also sent one out in July, August, September, and October.

By now, you would have had FIVE green cards and probably many more lame responses.

At this point, you could be forwarding copies of the green cards and the lame responses to each CRA explaining that this outfit doesn't know what it is doing and that it is nowhere near validating this debt and here is the documentation to prove it.

Do not contact the CA by phone or by email. Continue the DV process by certified mail so you can document everything including non-compliance.

And if they don't respond, then that is fine. Go ahead and continue building up a stack of green cards.

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