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PDI Management purchased my debt from a credit card company (I think it was PDI - I don't have any paperwork from them) in April 2004 (information from a credit inquiry on my credit report). It was charged off in Dec 2002 by the credit card company, but after that time I went to CCCS to try to get this payed off. I was able to continue with CCCS for almost a year before I couldn't make the payments anymore because my wife lost her job. As of October 2003 the balance was $2850. I haven't talked to these guys (PDI) at all. They call and don't leave messages until recently. I have a message on my answering machine from last week. They say "We need you to call us. We also need [your wife] to call us. This is about your property at [address]." I am considering going back to CCCS so I don't have to deal with these guys. A few questions. The SOL in Texas (where I live and where the debt originiated) is four years. Is the SOL started in Dec 2002 or after I made my last payment with CCCS in July 2003? Can I ask for a validation of debt since I don't think they have sent me any paperwork (if they did, it may have been lost)? In Texas it is legal for me to record phone conversations with debt collectors without their notice. Does the message they left qualify for them breaking the law? Should I talk to them and record conversations hoping they will make a few more screw ups until the infraction penalties will be greater than the debt? Any useful advice will be much appreciated.

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