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GOODWILLS-do i need to put my ssn?


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Myself, when I disputed anything, I only included the referenced account number and nothing else. If it was the CRA, I did not hesitate to give SS #, if requested, but, to a CA, the answer is "NO" and the same for an OC. Never had a problem. Others have included their SS# to CA's and OC's, but, I don't. It is a personal preference.

As to your worry of an inquiry, don't. If you are disputing a TL, the reporting party has a right to look at your CR to assure they have it correct by checking against their own records. This does not involve a "Hard". It can involve a "Soft" which does not show to potential creditors. Most times, the reporting party only matches their records against the information sent to them by the CRA regarding your dispute.

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