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CRA not sending updated cr

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I have noticed this over the past few disputes. When I receive my results back with my deletions I am not getting back updated copies of my CR, it has happened with all 3 CRA. I thought the CRA was required to send an updated copy of your report if your dispute resulted in any changes!!????

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I have never had a problem with that.

However, when I send out my bundle of disputes each month, I always send out each dispute separately in its own letter. As a result, I usually get an updated copy per disputes. Sometimes I don’t, but all the others disputes make up for the missing updated credit report.

Do you bundle all of your disputes into one letter?

Or do you mail them out separately?

I send out anywhere from six to twelve a month to each CRA thus my mailbox is always stuffed with a credit reports.

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I just posted the same type question "Equifax on my Nerves".

I sent them a couple of dispute letters recently & specifically requested an updated copy of report. They sent back form saying information has been corrected, but no copy of the credit report attached. When I called they told me I had to pay $9 for it. I didn't pay because I was hoping someone, would answer my question on this board(10/15/04) & explain to why I had to pay for it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated !! :)



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My suggestion would be two-fold.

First, send all of your disputes as an invidual dispute in the mail. Lots of people like to do their round of disputes into one letter.

Myself, I prefer to to send them out in individual letters. Sometimes I send out as few as four per round per CRA and other times I send out as many as 12 per round per CRA.

As result, my mailbox is always stuffed.

Second, get on the horn to each CRA and request a credit report from their automated system.

In the section that asks if you have been denied credit or experience an adverse action, such as a lowering in your credit limit, blah...blah.

Say YES.

That is a lie and the worst thing that can happen to you is for a computer to tell you no.

Back in my single days, I have had lots of women tell me "no", so a computer telling me "no" is not a big deal to me.

I have always gotten a free credit report from that automated system because ANY slight change in your credit status can qualify for that.

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