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Credit Bureaus responses not what i expected verry confused

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So i sent a letter to each of 3 credit breu's and i only understand my resonse from equifax. Here are the respnoses:


I stated that there are 3 accounts with invalid account history and that there is 1 inquiry that is inaccurate. They Responded saying they verified 2 of the accounts. Leaving the impression that the inquiry and one account will be deleated..



I sent them the letter from credit info center stating the following:

The following information therefore needs to be verified and deleted from the report as soon as possible:

Birth date: 1983

Current Address: 9519 Cedarvale Rd., Tujunga, Ca 91042-3103

1100 Glen Oaks Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91105-1100

Credit Inquiry’s: Sprint PCS – Water Companies – 4/2/2004,

Academy Collections – Other Collection Agencies – 12/24/2003

Account History: Assoc/Citi – Account #: XXXXXXXX3734

Palisades Collection L – Account #: XXXXXXXXXXXXX2687

Providian Financial – Account #: XXXXXXXX6544

Please delete the above information as quickly as possible.

They responded asking for me to provide proof of my current address, and stating "If you wish to request an investigation of information on your personal credit report, please list the accound and account number, and tell us specifically why you believe the information is not accurate. When we complete our investigation process, which may take up to 30 days, we will send you the results.

Didnt i already do that? Why are they asking me to send the information again? And is it not their responsability to prove to me that the information is correct? I dont know they account number on any of the accounts listed, i got all the information from their credit report. Any Sugestions?


These people confuse me the most! I sent the same letter to transunion but just pointing out the errors on their report. They Resonded:

Simply explaining to me what the fair credit act allows. What the hell? And as stated: RE: Explanation of different Items on your credit report. Then they explained to me what an inquiry is. I alredy know what an inquiry is. THey stated taht "if you believe an inquiry on your credit report was made with out permissible purpose, then you may wish to contact the creditor directly." Isnt it their responsibility to keep accurate information for me? They didnt even address my credit history disputes.

Here is what i disputed with them:

Credit Inquiry’s: Bank of Amer – Banks and S&Ls – 6/22/2004,

FDC – Other Miscellaneous and Public Record – 05/03/2003,

Wells Fargo Bank - CBG – All Banks – 7/15/2003,

Triadvantage – Collection Services – 7/07/2003

Account History: Assoc/Citi – Account #: XXXXXXXX3734

Providian – Account #: XXXXXXXX6544

Providian Bank– Account #: XXXXXXXX4878

Any ideas on how to proceed with transunion and experian?

Thanks for any help!


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You are too vague. You need to tell them WHAT is wrong and WHY it is wrong.

You need to use words like:







And then you need to toss in words like





Get thee to a thesaurus...

When I write my letters, it is perfectly clear why I am hopping mad and why this credit item needs to be deleted.

You can just say that it needs to be verified and deleted.

You got reach out there and grab them by the balls.

Don't use a lame explanation like what you wrote.

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