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A fellow Vietnam Vet just called me and asked about a Post Card he received in his mail yesterday. It is from a company, not a 3rd party collector. He ordered some things from this company and was making payments. Somehow, a payment was lost in transit and never received. It ended up not being paid in full until he realized his error that the lost payment had yet to be posted. He immediately sent the payment off and it was excepted and processed. Account was never in trouble to begin with, according to reps he talked to. Then comes the Post Card.

It says:

"Thank you for your recent payment. This payment

was received just after we mailed you a bill for your

account and, therefore, will not be reflected on that

invoice. Please ignore the billing for the item (or the

installment) you just paid."

Special Collector Services

To me, it can be read two different ways. One is, since this company offers items consumers collect, the reference could be that the consumer is "special", and the other is, it is from their internal collection department. I would like everyone's opinions as by reading this and noting the fact of a mention of "recent payment" could cause someone to think it is from a collector of sorts. Mind you, my friend lives in California and the OC is liable under the FDCPA, both Federal and State.

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My curiousity got the best of me when no one responded to this thread, so, got the number and called them myself.

The claim is that all customers are considered special, so this is how they identify themselves.

Either way, I made sure they are aware of how it appears to some and they said they would look into it and change, if necessary.

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