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Chase or Citi

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By the 26th of this month all my credit reports will be clean. I have low utilization is 21%. I only have two inquiries for the last 12 months. My first app is going to be for the AMEX Green Rewards just to get my foot in the door since I don't have two credit cards for two years history for Blue.

I then want to apply either to Chase or Citi not sure which one. I want one that is going to offer the highest credit line. My current highest limit is with Patelco @ $5000.00 opened in 8/04. Which do ya'll suggest?


Mack D

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Both offer intro 0% BT for up to 1 year and sometimes for 15 months.

Both can be considered prime issuers.

Both are allowed to raise your rates for a delinquent payment with another issuer.

Both respond to PFB - www.planetfeedback.com

Both offer periodical BT rates for a 6 month period for single digit interest rates.


Personally, I recommend the Citi card due to my own experiences with Chase. Chase has cut our limit in HALF when we paid it off in full AND raised our rate to over 26%. Received the notice because of our credit history (clean, but over-extended).

However, Citi does AR every month without fail to spy on your reports. So you might want to keep this in mind as well.

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