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A Few More Questions


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Which SOL would these items fall under?

Ohio SOL

Oral - 6 years

Written - 15 years

Promissory - 15 years

Open-End -6 years

1-We just found a 3 year old credit report for my husband and it is showing 1 bad check/bounced with NSF and was never paid. It was in a collection account on the older Credit Report.

2-A Medical Bill that was turned in to a collection company. Never Paid.

3-Old Phone Bill that was turned over to Collection Company. Never Paid.

4-Public Library Fee that was turned over to Collection Company. Never Paid.

None of these are on his current credit reports. We have current copies of all 3 CRA and none of the above are on the CR's.

What we are concerned about is the SOL on these items. We do not want to ignore them and find 1 or all going to Judgement against him.

Any and all help would be great.


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