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Exp. changed report # sue time???


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Everything was done to the letter as shown in this forum for debt validation. A letter was finally sent to Experian atten: legal dept.

All copies of personal information was sent, copies of certified letters that were sent to CA's were included. Also Ca's were unable to verify information. Never responded( IC systems and American AGENCY).

Was waiting to hear back and they sent a form letter, with a new report number, requesting all the information that was sent, again, again. They are acting like they did not get anything and are trying to start the process over. This has been going on since June. Time to sue?? Does anyone know the address of the legal dept. at Experian? None of the CA's or Experian listed accounts as in dispute. What should be on the law suit?

Not listing accounts as in dispute?

Not correcting information that can't be verified?

Not completing investigation within 30 days?

Willful non compliance?

Should a separate suit be filed for california civil code violations?

Should the CA's be sued at the same time?

Not listing accounts as in dispute?

Not responding in a timely manner (30 days?)

Reporting information that is not verifiable?

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