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CSC clock restarted

Ravenous Wolf

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The last few times I sent out my bundle of disputes to CSC, I would get their form letter stating that I needed to send them a copy of my driver’s license, utility bill, SSN, etc.

I always ignored the request because they completed my investigation without that.

This past round of disputes, I decided to humor CSC and I faxed over the documents.

Since I sent out all of my disputes to each CRA at the same time, the last ones for TU and EX have come in the mail. I got on the horn and confirmed that every investigation was complete and that the updates were in the mail.

CSC was a bit different. They told me that since the last investigation started on October 6, I would have to wait until November 6 to get the final results.

I was a bit confused because I know I mailed off my round of disputes to CSC the same time I sent mine off to TU and EX and both TU and EX told me that everything is done and in the mail.

I took a look at the fax that I sent CSC pertaining to the confirmation of my identity (driver’s license and SSN) and lo and behold, I had faxed it on October 5.

Apparently, giving CSC the information THEY requested from me restarted the investigation clock.

That chaps my hide.

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