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Orchard Bank Card CLI

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Well, after once again feeling a little down with almost everyone I see here getting primes with huge credit lines, I check my Orchard Bank statement online and was surprised that I had a little more available on my credit line that I thought.

Upon doing the math, I find that exactly 6 months after I get the card with a perfect payment history, I've got what amounts to an automatic $200 CLI.

Yayyyyy for me....right?

I remember calling them just a couple of months ago and bristling at their $100/$25 offer. Decided that I'd wait for the automatic rather than pay.

Trying to stay positive here.

What are my chances that the same thing will happen with my CapitalOne account? I've only had that one for a couple of months where it's sitting where it started at the paltry $300 mark.

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