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I started repairing my credit about a month or so ago. Have had some removals and corrections (IIB added) on Equifax and Experian.

As of 10-19-04:

EQ: 551

EX: 568

TU: 580

I knew that my score was not going to be all that great because I just started to repair my credit, but I still decided to check myfico.com to see how close these scores were to PG scores. I figured I would check EQ only since it was the lowest on PG, that way I could gauge the other scores based on EQ. EQ was a freakin' 497 xSteaminx I was so bummed about that...that is a 54 point difference! I still have a few delinquent accounts that I need to pay, but I didn't think that my score would be that low.....I have read post that state that myfico scores are sometimes higher than PG, but I guess that is not always true....

Well that's another day in the life of credit repair :( .....my quest continues...

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As is often said here: 'Patience grasshopper'

It takes time but the efforts are well worth it!

keep at it and you will reap the benefits of 'sexy good credit'


Anyway-pull PG every freaking day and maybe some bumpage will help your scores some if you have Inqs out there.

Get your DV letters out to ALL your CAs and keep hammering them!

You will get there!

Good luck and dont get discouraged. It will happen. We've all played the waiting game.

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