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YES!!! first prime card for me-**UPDATED**

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I finally got approved for a prime card! I applied to Chase because they pull TU and its my best report (680 FICO)

Not sure of my credit limit yet, I have to fax in my proof of address and ID because I had to use my mom's address, so after I do all that I can get my card!!

Just had to share my good news, thanks guys!!

UPDATED TO ADD that I got the shiny new Toys R Us Platinum with a 1500 CL. It took over a month! I had to fax in proof of residency and photo ID, the whole shebang.

Its not a lot, but its a higher CL than my 500 UP and its a start!

Thanks everyone, for all the great info on this board and the help!

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congrats pj... what's the scoop with a prime card? Is that extra special?

I got an invitation to join Chase with a 0% til Nov 05... but it ended up being 18.99% with only 300 limit.

Pretty bogus since I have a CU card at 5,000 and 9% interest (of course it isn't reporting...)

is it a chase platinum visa like a weird black card?

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pj same here... I had a first premier for 2 years (not one late!!!)

I had the orchard bank for 6 months, until I got the card from my Credit Bureau... I bought a car from them so they gave me a card.

but what is the deal with "prime" why is it better? I mean to me the rate of the orchard bank card and my chase card are the same I think.

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Ah, now I get what you mean Kbean.

I guess MY definition of prime is a lender who would not issue me a card in the past. I got all my crap cleaned up and now they'll issue me one. I also have hopes of a card with a credit limit over 500, LOL. 500 is my highest CL right now, besides my military star which is 2,000.

I keep hearing Household Bank is a subprime lender, so to me, being able to get Chase means I was able to fling myself out of subprime hell, for now. Does that all make sense?

Native- I would LOVE to have a BofA and I've read up on all the horror stories with Chase, so I'll keep close tabs on everything for sure.

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Hey PJ... I applied as well and my TU is the same as you!

I DID get approved with a TU pull for CitiBank Platinum select 5K CL. Try it at:


I am very happy as well to finally get a prime card! It's prime to me if it is good credit card! I applied for CHASE and am waiting to compare more.

Congrats 2 U for your new card!

EDUBB007 :twisted:

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thanks credit help...

hi edub!

PJ: good luck just the same. I thought I had arrived when I received the 0% invitation... but I found out why I didn't get it... a new Collection Account popped up on my TU report recently... damn

is your card silver and black/transulcent?

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