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CA says they will remove item from my credit report if I pay


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Orange Credit Service sent me a letter indicating that if I paid the original amount ($122), the item will show as PAID, but if I pay the TOTAL amount ($181) they will "have this matter completely REMOVED from your credit record" They go on to say "Please pay the full above balance which includes a clearance letter"

That last sentence does not make grammatical sense, but I think they are saying they would provide some sort of letter that I could then submit to the CRA's (it's on all three).

I know that having the item marked as "PAID" does me absolutely no good, so I'm not interested in that option.

I should point out that the debt is legitimate, and it was my fault (honest mistake) that payment was overlooked.


1. What exaclty is a "clearance" letter?

2. Can they be trusted? As much as I hate to give these slimeballs any money, it would be worth the $181 to have this item removed, but how do I know they will do what they say?

3. Isn't what they are proposing illegal?


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It looks like they are charging you a fee for the delete. I'm not sure if it is legal or not. Since they are offering to do something for you they are not leglly obliged to do, I would say pay it and get the thing deleted.

You might want to notate on your check the amount due and then the clearance letter fee. Along with the check you might wan tto send a copy of the letter you received and a statement saying that you are paying the larger amount in reliance of their representation in the letter that they will have the item removed from your credit report, and if they don't intend to honor that, then they should return the check to you. Send it CMRRR

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